Expand your soul’s success by embodying the system of the Chakra’s and learn how to apply them to your work, business and personal life with the…


By Dirish Shaktidas

A 10 week certified program for yoga teachers/practitioners, therapists and business coaches who want to Elevate and expand their knowledge and business through the system of the Chakras: 

Warning: This program is not for you if…

  • You don’t believe in the power of Energy.
  • You don’t believe that chakras hold our emotions, thoughts and spiritual awareness
  • You don’t believe in 7 different types of consciousness.
  • You are not ready to invest time and energy in understanding this powerful system.
  • You are not ready to be open to the possibilities for using this system for growth and energy expansion.
  • You are not ready to commit to the time and process of this certification.

But you’re in the right place if…

  • You are fascinated by the Chakra system and you are ready to learn all about them and elevate your own energy and apply it to your business. 
  • You already understand lots of different  modalities such as breathworks, sound therapy, mindfulness, and reiki, and you are ready to learn and gain certification in this powerful ancient system. 
  • You have some basic understanding of the body, mind and spirit connection. 
  • You are ready to make 2022 the year to commit to learn something new which will further your career. 
  • You know deep down you are ready for a new level of growth and transformation
  • You are comparing yourself to other teachers, therapists, healers and wondering why they have success in their business and you feel there is something missing.
  • You are not managing your own energy as you could and none of the practices or techniques you are trying are working. 
  • You are lacking confidence in attracting clients or filling your yoga class desire and you want to understand how success is mainly down to your energy.  
  • You are ready to apply the power of the chakras into your self work/life/business to thrive.
  • You are ready to be the person who experiences big breakthroughs as a normal and consistent part of their growth and evolution.

So now, close your eyes and 

Imagine what it would be like when…

  • You can still earn money…even when life is hard internally and externally.
  • You aren’t just going through the motions and hoping it will work out – but you can witness the shit hitting the fan and still be in the energy of receiving.
  • Increase your capacity to hold thoughts, emotions and feelings at the same time – which will elevate the relationship you have with yourself, business  and every important relationship in your life.
  • You become an energy master, so that you are fully able to understand and honor all of your feelings and emotions, without being consumed by them.
  • You show up to sales calls and hold the energetic space clearly with intention and fully in your power. 
  • You are attracting the right type of clients and you are able to empower them and understand how to use energy to do it. 
  • You are able to identify when a client’s energy is out of balance and be able to explain what you are witnessing and how to move through it. 
  • You wake up in the morning feeling flat knowing that you have clients or classes to teach and being able to use the chakra system to re balance, recharge and reset and show up as your best self. 
  • You are able to talk into all of the chakra system and what it means in terms of health, mental health and well being. 
  • You are able to take your students/clients to the next level by setting up inspiring workshops, retreats and one-to-one sessions based on your chakra applied knowledge. 
  • You become a go to person/ expert in your field and begin to draw unique opportunities towards you.

It has worked for me, and I know it will work for you.

Do any of these ring a bell?

  • Your classes/sessions/one-ones are not fully booked and performing as you would like them to. 
  • You don’t feel like you have enough energy even for yourself, it might be impossible to imagine walking into a room and supporting other people through their personal, spiritual, physical practice. This lowers your confidence and you feel guilty that you are not good at your job. 
  • You compare yourself to others who are thriving, becoming envious and trying to copy their approach. 
  • You are unable to answer questions about Chakras as you lack the knowledge and avoid the questions. 
  • You become frustrated. You take it out on your family and friends feeling hopeless.
  • You feel embarrassed that you are overqualified but still having clients return back with the same issue because you don’t have the energy or expertise around it.
  • Needing to over deliver to be worthy and then burn out.
  • Attracting the wrong type of clients out of neediness vs being intentional with who you are calling in.

I used to be where you are right now…

Leaving the fashion and design industry was relieving as I was living a toxic life that I wanted to change. I shifted my focus to healing and transformation by removing myself from the things that were bringing me down.

My values had changed from leading a toxic lifestyle to making conscious changes to intentionally living a balanced life. I make time for things and people that bring me peace, love and joy.

Through daily morning practice of meditating, breathing, stretching and setting my intentions for the day, this keeps me healthier. I am able to show up with confidence for myself, my work and be somebody who I like being around, which then draws the best energy and opportunities for myself.

I was inspired by friends and teachers who were living examples of who I wanted to become. I looked at what they achieved and accomplished and I said to myself, if they can do so can I. Once I went through numerous training programs, the chakras were becoming a focal point in all the systems I was studying.

It became clear that this was where I wanted to center my work on helping people. It was a simple yet rich system and relatable. I was living out of my center and I was living with worry, anxiety and scarcity of how to manage myself. I didn’t have daily practice to keep me in check and I was all over the place. Working with the chakra system daily with the many tools and techniques over the past decade has leveled up my life!  Communicating clearly, leading huge audiences and speaking with confidence was something I couldn’t even dream of. I grew up with low self-esteem to even consider accomplishing anything that I am doing now.  


“There are amazing yoga and dance teachers, and then there is Dirish. He has a gift for teaching at the highest level, providing a caliber of experience that is hard to find in everyday yoga classes. Dirish is alchemical in his approach, provides fantastic class experiences and holds sacred space for those lucky enough to be in any class, group or workshop he provides. He more than walks the talk, he makes sure you can and do too. Great teacher, great classes, great guy.”

– Danielle Haden, Business Coach 

“Dirish is a fantastic chakra yoga, dance and meditation teacher! He will make you laugh with his vibrant personality and quick wit and teach you incredibly nourishing practices to help bring a sense of balance and calm to your life. I’ve been to several of Dirish’s classes and events and he is so good at holding space, bringing yogic teachings to life AND making it fun! Did I mention he can help balance your chakra energy centers too?! Highly recommend him.”

Rachel Onojafe, The Cosmic Coach



This is the system that radically changed my mind, body and attitude from surviving to thriving with soul success…

This system is a unique combination of the chakra science, mindset, self mastery and ancient yoga wisdom.

It is this system that will take your work, life and business to a whole new level of success with soul.

You will need to make a change in the way you have been thinking about yourself. Elevate your ideas around your definition of soul success and the impact you wish to see yourself and have in the world.

The Chakra Soul Success Program

Yoga Teacher/Practitioners, Therapist, Coach or Healer, Leading in your business, 

Why is it important? 

  • Increase your ability to know when and where the chakras are blocked with you and your clients. 
  • You will be equipped with tools to be able to Increase your capacity to hold thoughts, emotions and feelings at the same time – which will elevate the relationship you have with yourself, business  and every significant relationship in your life.

Become an energy master, so that you are fully able to understand and honor all of your feelings and emotions, without being consumed by them.

  • Inspire your practice with yourself and your students/clients. 
  • How you can support your practice and students/clients in making a profound positive shift. 
  • Empower and optimize your wellness to thrive with soul success.
  • Relate and communicate with authenticity, understand and connect with your clients to exponentially grow your business

When is it?

Starting April-June 2022  

Where is it? Online

Take your practice and teaching to new levels of effectiveness and power. Develop your unique voice, strengths and capacity to facilitate others with ease. You will be equipped to teach anyone, anywhere, with a vast range of chakra practices that will help you to serve the needs of your students/clients/business. Empower yourself with a toolbox of practices to meet any of life’s challenges.

And you also get these epic bonuses!

* Chakra Meditation Library

* 1-1 Chakra Session with Dirish Shaktidas

“Words are not enough to express all my gratitude for sharing your incredible knowledge throughout this teacher training course. It has changed my life at a time when I was ready for it. I have got endless respect for your teachings and you as a teacher. Thank you Dirish.”

– Laura Ruiz, Veterinarian

“Dirish is warm, knowledgeable, authentic, and grounded in his approach. I recently had a chakra session with him and I can say I genuinely felt lighter and more balanced after our session. If you are looking for a spiritual practitioner who is the real deal – Dirish is your guy. Highly recommend.”

Jessica Long, Yoga Teacher

“He is not only inspirational and very knowledgeable but also fun to be around. His passion for yoga and dance is very contagious. Highly recommended teacher!!!”

Dorota Galinska, Shakti Dance Teacher

“Dirish is a wonderful teacher, holds the space beautifully and intelligently explains what is occurring. Asking deep questions that stimulate the mind to allow us to go deeper within.”

Gaia Sophia, Psychotherapist

Hi! I’m Dirish, your Chakra Teacher & Guide

I have a background of working in fashion and design. I have been in the rat race of living with stress, burnout, and anxiety. It is through my own journey of health, wellness, and yoga that I have been able to now make better decisions in how I show up for my work with balance. Any new technique I can learn to add to my mix, I am keen to learn more. I especially take an interest in anything to do with energy shifting to vibrate higher.

Working with the chakra system has given me the confidence to work with all areas of my life. Through this practice, I applied the chakra system in my life and business that continues to create a lot of clarity, stability, growth and quantum shifting!

I am based in London and have a passion for art, music and dance. I enjoy making playlists (living my DJ fantasy life), attending dance classes and learning new moves to stay light and shine bright!

Identifying and recognising your limitations will help to SUPER CHAKRA CHARGE your life!…

Let’s be real

There has never been a more challenging time in the collective human history of the world. If you’re feeling tired, worn down and confused by the chaos… you’re not alone.

We are in a global crisis where so much is happening around us it is easy to get distracted, depressed and desensitized. 

We need all the tools we can get to be able to navigate our lives with more ease and return to our balance.

There are so many ideas and expectations we want to fulfill but we feel stuck and pulled from our centers unable to meet the fulfillment that society dictates upon us. 

We are too busy following the hype of where we are being pulled towards.

We need to stay grounded, centered and make decisions that feel true and authentic.

Develop your focus, presence and awareness. 

You will gain the tools for your daily living and through challenges, you will be able to trust and consult yourself. 

You will gain the confidence through your daily practice to shift your perspective and direction to better any given situation. 


But it’s available to you for a drastically reduced price

*Refunds are not available


Who is the program for?

  • You are a yoga teacher/practitioner, therapist, healer and in business want to make a BIG impact in yourself and the world.
  • You want to deepen and widen your spiritual connection
  • You are looking to apply the program into your life for soul success.

When will the calls take place?

  • The group calls will be weekly on Tuesday at 7pm-8:30pm. There will be available replays if you are unable to attend. These recordings will be available for a year. 
  • Is there a refund/cancellation policy? –  If you are unable to attend the program, you can reschedule your attendance to another available training date provided, but the refunds are not available once your booking is confirmed.
  • When will  I receive my certificate?- Once you’ve completed the course requirements you will receive your certificate via mail and PDF.

Who it’s not for:

  • For those who are not willing to make the changes in their life and business.
  • It’s not for those who are not open to being challenged.
  • It’s not for those who can’t be vulnerable or authentic.
  • It’s not for those who are not looking to co-operate and take responsibility for showing up, doing the requirements and the bare minimum. 

Got more Questions?

book a call 🙂

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