Calling all yoga teachers/practitioners, therapists and business coaches who want to ELEVATE their soul success through the system of the Chakras…

Free Workshop:


Are you ready to elevate your soul success through the system of the chakras?

Embody and recognize the system of the chakras and learn how to apply them to your business and personal life. Expand your soul success.

7:00PM – 8:30PM

This Masterclass is for you if you are a…

  • Yoga Teachers/Practitioners  lnspire your practice with yourself/students.
  • Therapist, Coach or Healer – Increase your ability to know when and where the chakras are blocked with your clients and how to support them in making a positive shift.
  • Into Personal growth – Clear your chakras when they are blocked. Empower and optimise your wellness to thrive with soul success. 
  • Leading in your business – Relate and communicate with more authenticity, understand and connect with your clients to exponentially grow your business.

During this Masterclass, I will show you…

The 3 Secrets: Discover the “system of your soul” through your seven chakras – and how each chakra impacts key elements of your life. 

The Limit to Soul Success system: Recognise which of your chakras are open or blocked so you can identify which area of your life to focus your attention to most.

 How to Shift your Energy: Experience an immersive Chakra Meditation to help you to rewire yourself and get ready for expansion and optimization. Activate and awaken to a new you. 


“Chakrasizer- turning up the volume on the sound speakers!!”

I am a yoga teacher and Chakra specialist that has worked with Selfridges, WeWork and now Wanderlust TV.   

I have a background of working in fashion and design. I have been in the rat race of living with stress, burnout, and anxiety. It is through my own journey of health, wellness, and yoga that I have been able to now make better decisions in how I show up for my work with balance.

My expertise includes chakra readings, guided meditations, bespoke yoga sessions, and dance classes. These tools have helped me so much to create a healthy lifestyle that is consistent in order to live with balance. With over 10 years of experience, I have helped people and clients to radically change. Helping them to reclaim their energy thriving in their life and business with soul success.

Working with the chakra system has given me the guide to work with all areas of my life. Through this practice, I applied the chakra system in my business and it has and continues to create a lot of clarity, stability, and growth.

“Dirish is warm, knowledgeable, authentic, and grounded in his approach. I recently had a chakra session with him and I can say I genuinely felt lighter and more balanced after our session. If you are looking for a spiritual practitioner who is the real deal – Dirish is your guy. Highly recommend.”  Jessica Long

“Words are not enough to express all my gratitude for sharing your incredible knowledge throughout this teacher training course. It has changed my life at a time when I was ready for it. I have got endless respect for your teachings and you as a teacher. Thank you Dirish.”– Laura Ruiz

Identifying and recognising your limitations will help to

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