Relight Your Fire Interview!

Summer Greetings!

Im BACK at Alchemy in Camden this weekend serving up some Shakti realness with  my latest workshop; RELIGHT YOUR FIRE! Peep the interview with Celia Peachy from Alchemy.

Im SO excited for us to share this together! 

This workshop is about new beginnings, fresh perspective removing anything thats holding you back or down, its about living to your FULLEST. Its about personal revolution on our own lives, and global revolution in the world; its about everything!

For you to FEEL it the way that I’m feeling it, gives me… CHILLS!

SO now its your turn… I wanna know what RElight Your Fire means to you! What ever it means to you come and join me this Saturday and lets explore, share and dance! You have NO idea how your FEELING will empower and inspire me, and I hope when we come together we can be our best, most incredible together.. so lets SHINE!

Sending Love,


Dirish 🙂




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