Dance Your Dance!

When attention is redirected to the heart of Being,
a recognition occurs there; a soulful attunement.
The end of a dreamt separation is felt – we find ourselves whole again;
a wholeness that shines as peace, joy, wisdom and love.
Life flows, like a River of Light.

This graphic was  inspired by Mooji ( ‘Dance Your Dance’ an insightful  conversation that was made into a music production…

A short extract from ‘Dance Your Dance’ by Mooji

I am of the nature of non duality without any second
This I am
All is this
Beloved know yourself to be this only and be happy
Remain in peace, and dance your dance
Be Happy
REmain without attatchment
Remain without desire
And Dance Your Dance
Remain free, remain whole, remain perfect, remain as this and dance your dance

Listening to this while dancing allowed brand new moves being discovered. Totally in a new moment like a string being pulled by the wind. I can only continue to in this way of moving spontaneously to uncover more of whats yet to come…



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