SHAKTI DANCE Workshop in Santa Monica, CA this weekend !

Join me this Sunday, September 18th at 1:45pm , $15
Shakti Rising: Earth & Fire workshop


In this 2 hour workshop we will explore the importance of our roots by working with the universal serpent Shakti (the power behind the manifest universe) in the forms of Earth and Fire. Earth represents our body and our spine. It has the power to support, carry, resist and sustain. Fire represents the flame of the soul. It has the power to transform and enliven.

Join in this energetic and enlivening flow movement and ecstatic dance where you will learn how to work with gravity (and anti-gravity!) as well as inner magnetism experienced as the heat generated by your focused intention and unbroken stream of awareness . We will learn how to tune in and resonate with the inherent rhythm of our bodies through liberating movement meditations, creative sequences, mantric choreographies charging the auric fields and arc lines. Aligning ourselves with the waves connecting to the harmonious flow. Be prepared to move grove flow and grow!!!


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